Unit Patches


Flight School

Aviation Training School

Fort Wolters, Texas.
Fort Rucker, Alabama.
Fort Hunter - Stewart, Georgia.

"Above The Best"

This patch was worn on the left shoulder by aspiring pilots while they attended flight school.  Upon graduation from flight school, the new aviator would be assigned to an aviation unit. The school patch would then be replaced by the new units patch.  In our case, the new patch would be the First Aviation Battalion patch shown below.

Cobra Pilot Pocket Patch

Presented to new Cobra Pilots upon graduation from AH-1G Cobra Transition Class.
Worn over the right shirt pocket in place of the Crusader Patch.

Cr_Pat.jpg (20717 bytes)
  Crusader Pocket Patch 

Worn over the right shirt pocket. 

This beautiful replication is courtesy of :

Jim Gaffney - El Paso, TX

Blaster 14, 3/18 Arty, 1st Cav, '65-66
Crusader 6, 187th AHC, '68-'69
Black Baron 5, 269th CAB, '69

First Aviation Brigade

Shoulder Patch

Worn on left shoulder of uniform.


Courtesy of :
William (Mild Bill) H. Jones
Austin, TX.
Road Runner Maintenance 66-68

bh_shol_copy.gif (10898 bytes)

Uniform Shoulder Patch

Courtesy of :
William (Mild Bill) H Jones
Austin TX
Road Runner Maintenance 66-68

Black Hawk Pocket

Unit patch that was covered with plastic and hung from shirt pocket button by a leather strap.

Courtesy of :
Tom Tesmar

Rat Pack Pocket Patch
Rat Pack

Worn by Blackhawk and Crusader Gun Ship Pilots and Crew Members. "The Rat Pack"

The Rats started flying Charlie Model Gunships and later transitioned to the AH-1G Huey Cobra. One mean mother.

Courtesy of :
John Broome

Red Ryders Pocket Patch
Red Ryder's

"Holy Hell"

Original 2nd Airlift Platoon Patch

Courtesy of :
Mike Stratton



Renamed 2nd Airlift Platoon

You just had to have some of their "Mung Juice"

Mung 2.JPG (17898 bytes)


I guess this for for the more timid in the group?


1st Airlift Platoon

541st Med.

541st Medical Detachment

Courtesy of :
Sir Edward A. Artis Ph.D K.M.
541st Medical Detachment

Trouble Shooter
Trouble Shooter

Signal and Avionics

Better than AT&T.
They made sure we could reach out and touch someone.



Helicopter Maintenance

If it was broke, they could fix it.

If it wasn't broke, they could make it better.

Crusader BB6

Was this a courtesy patch for Black Baron 6
or the personal patch of
"Bad" Bill Bauman 'Crusader 6?'

362tpower copy.jpg (14866 bytes)
Patch design by:
John Forzetting
Roger Rothlesberger
Tay Ninh Tower Power

362nd Aviation Support Detachment

If you were moving your bird, taking off or landing these guys were the boss.  Everyone followed their instructions except the VNAF pilots who did whatever they wanted to including taking off in the wrong direction right into a landing flight of war birds.

VNAF Pilot  "Tower me go now."

Tower Operator: "Warning to all aircraft in the Tay Ninh area.  We have a VNAF Bird Dog departing from mid field headed in the WRONG direction."

Authorized ???

I don't think so......

Probably a real collectors item.

Patch courtesy of John Johnson

187th_variation.jpg (20244 bytes) This is a slight variation of the Crusader patch found in the collection of a private collector.  The patch is in pristine condition.




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