A Wife's
Thank You


The following letter was sent to all of the 187th AHC members on the 187th AHC net. I was so impressed with Sue's letter that I wanted everyone to get a chance to read it.  Sue is the Wife of Joe Burns, our former commander.

From all the members of the 187th AHC;
Thank you so much for these words Sue.



Gentlemen - Today, August 10th, 1997, is our 40th wedding anniversary!  And I see this as an occasion to thank you for all you did that insured my husband, Joe Burns (Rat 6, Blackhawk 5 & Blackhawk 6) a safe return to me and to our family.

I have often heard Joe talk about your ability, your courage, your steadfastness, your skill, your camaraderie, your devotion to duty, your faithfulness to the unit and the mission, your loyalty to one another; the pride of men in a job well done.  For those of you that Joe served with during from February 1967 to February 1968, you deserve much honor.

In spite of the fact that Joe (and all of you) returned to a nation that did not understand or appreciate all you had done, he came home not only physically safe, but he also returned to me in a healthy emotional state.  And that was because he was proud to have served with such a great group of men - he was proud to be part of the 187th.  He talks of that time with almost an awe in his voice as he tells others that it was best time of his life in the military.  Because of you.  And I thank you.  You helped make our 40 years together possible.

And I thank the living God who put Joe in the 187th and who worked through all of you.

Most sincerely and with much love and gratitude,

Sue Burns